Outline of Atlas, Renaissance Music, parts 1-3

 Part 1: Dunstable
  1        The English Sound
           Dunstable, (Power, Old Hall MS), fa-burden, free motet (A1), 
           carol (A5)
 (2)        Constance
  3        Low Countries: Ciconia (A8), O rosa bella (A9-10), 
           summary pp. 41-2.
 (4)        Notation review
 Part 2: Dufay, Binchois
  5         French Song: Ballade: Revellies vous (A11), Rondeau: Adieu 
            m'amour (A12), cadences, performance practice, Binchois (A13) 
 (6)         Humanism
  7         Motet: isorhythmic Nuper rosarum (A14) "tenor motet" Ave Regina
            III (A15), influenced by cyclic mass (Dufay's life)
 (8)         Documents
  9         Cyclic mass, (Power, Caput), Se la face ay pale A18; Summary, 
            p. 127: mass composition, rationale.
 (10)        Fall of Constantinople
  Part 3: Ockeghem, Busnoys
  11        Abstraction: Busnoys, Ockeghem: Mass L'homme (A21), 
            motet: In hydraulis (A23), Ockeghem Missa prolationum (A24) 
            mensuration canon, (Trent, Chigi) Ockeghem, Fors seulement (A25), 
            other complexities
 (12)        Documents
 (13)        Patronage
  14        Song: Busnoys (A27) acrostic, combinatory (A28), (chansonnieres
            A30), A31  
 (15)        Charles, Lorenzo
  16        Instruments, theory: Transcription (A34), fantasia (A35), 
            basse dance (A36), Tinctoris, Ramos
 (17)        Musica ficta, cadences