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Music 301: History of Western Music I

Analysis Assignment

Make a photocopy of measures 1-38 of the motet "O magnum mysterium" by Tomas Luis de Victoria (NAWM 52, pp. 303-305). First examine the text (translation in NAWM, p. 308):

  1. O magnum mysterium et admirabile sacramentum,
  2. ut animalia viderent Dominum natum,
  3. iacentem in praesepio.
  1. In your score, mark the beginning of each verse of text. (3)
  2. In your score, mark every important cadence (look closely at the end of each verse, and of each half-verse). Use slanted lines clearly marking the two voices that complete the cadence, and place the pitch letter of each resolution under the final note of each. Also insert the pitch letter of each cadence above the text printed above. Comment on each cadence that you judge to be weakened by the addition of additional voices, rests, "deceptive" harmonies, etc. (9)
  3. Mark the beginning of each "point of imitation" (melodic motive) with a square open bracket. (5)
  4. In measures 1-19 only, find and mark three dissonant suspensions with an x and mark three unaccented dissonances with an o. (6) Hand in your marked up photocopies, along with a printout of this assignment sheet.

The assignment is due Monday, October 13.

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