What's Next in Balkanistica?

Volumes 19 and 20


Up Next: Balkanistica 19 (2006)

Volume 19 will be an anthology of Bulgarian literature, compiled and edited by Ivan Mladenov of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Henry Cooper of Indiana University. It is scheduled for an April 2006 release.

And Beyond: Balkanistica 20 (2007)

Volume 20 of Balkanistica is also currently being assembled. Scheduled for an April 2007 release, the volume will contain the following: Articles: (1) "Was Tito the Last Habsburg? Reflections on Tito's Role in the History of the Balkans," Todor Kuljic; and (2) "Mood, Negation and Pronominal Clitics: Evidence from the Balkan Languages," Olga Miseska Tomic. Reviews: (1) Ottoman Bosnia: A History in Peril, Markus Koller and Kemal H. Karpat (eds) (Emilan Kavalski); (2) Die Jungtürken und die Mazedonische Frage, 1890-1918 'The Young Turks and the Macedonian Question, 1890-1918,' Mehmet Hacisalihoglu (Gül Tokay); and (3) The Romanian Revolution of 1989, Peter Siani-Davies (Emilian Kavalski).


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