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Professor of Law

Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association Lecturer in Law





Legal: The University of Michigan Law School

J.D. cum laude 1984

Articles Editor, University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform; Dykema Scholarship 1983; awards in American Legal History 1983-84, European Legal Systems 1984, Copyright 1984


Graduate: The University of Chicago

Ph.D. 1981; M.A. 1978 (History)

University Scholar­ships 1977-81; Kunstader Fellowship 1978; Honors, M.A.-Ph.D. Qualifying Examination 1978


College: The Johns Hopkins University

B.A. with Honors 1977 (Philosophy major)


Secondary: The Phillips Exeter Academy, 1973





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1998-: Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association Lecturer in Law

1997-: Professor of Law, University of Mississippi

1991-1997: Mitchell, McNutt, Threadgill, Smith & Sams Lecturer of Law, University of Mississippi Law School

1990-1997: Associate Professor of Law, University of Mississippi Law School

1987-1990: Assistant Professor of Law, University of Mississippi Law School

1984­-1987: Associate, Frost & Jacobs, Cincinnati, Ohio

1985-1987: Public Defender Panel, Hamilton County, Ohio

1985-1987: Adjunct Faculty, University of Cincinnati College of Law




Supreme Court of the United States; Supreme Court of Ohio (0000414); District of Columbia Court of Appeals (inactive status); United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit; United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit; United States District Court Eastern District of Kentucky; United States District Court Southern District of Ohio





American Bar Association; American Association for Justice; American Constitution Society (member and faculty adviser), American Society for Legal History; Hegel Society of America; Bencher emeritus, William C. Keady Inn of Court, American Inns of Court; NAACP (life), OUTlaw (member and faculty advisor)





          “The Status of the Necessity Defense in Criminal Cases,” Mississippi College Law School faculty colloquium, March 30, 2007

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          "Hegel's Idea of Sublation: Christian Ethics and Criminal Law," American Society for Legal History annual meeting, Washington, DC, October 22, 1994

          Session chair, Hegel Society of America, Biennial Meeting, Washington, DC, October 1-2, 1994





Private International Law (Conflict of Laws), Civil Procedure, Remedies, Criminal Law, Legal History, Agency & Partnership