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When To Put Up A Feeder
Most Hummingbirds are migrant, and visit North America in the warmer seasons. Feeders should be put up in time for their arrival. This will vary greatly depending upon where you are located. In the Florida area they arrive as early as January, and in the Upper Great Lakes they arrive in May. It is important to know the average date they arrive in your specific area to get your feeder up 5-10 days before the average date so they will see your feeder up and take a drink, and possibly stay for the season in your backyard!

When To Take Feeders Down
We have found one of the biggest misconceptions about hummingbirds is the belief that if you do not take your hummingbird feeder down they will not migrate. This is absolutely false! In many areas hummingbirds start to migrate even before the flowers and insects start to wane. Males generally migrate several weeks ahead of immatures (new hatchlings) and females. Migration is done according to changing day length or photoperiod. Actually, migrating hummingbirds may be helped by feeders left up.

Droll Yankee Happy 8
Droll Yankee's largest hummingbird feeder, 10" diameter, large 1 quart capacity, 8 feeder ports, leak-proof, UV-stabilized, impact-resistant plastic, brass hardware. Simple to fill and easy to clean. Includes FREE port brush. LIFETIME WARRANTY Item # DYH8 $28.99

Droll Yankee Little Feeder
This popular little feeder has a special cleaning cap which makes washing easy, especially with the Hummer Plus Brush (item # DYHUM). The bottom of the feeder is threaded for use with a 1/2" pipe, allowing feeder to be placed near flowers in your garden, or can be hung with included brass rod. The silver rim provides a perch. 5-7/8" diameter, holds 3/4 cup of nectar. Includes FREE port brush. LIFETIME WARRANTY Item # DYLF $17.99

Droll Yankee Window Hummer
This window feeder uses the same design features of The Little Hummingbird Feeder above, but comes with a window mount. Includes FREE port brush. LIFETIME WARRANTY Lucy rates this feeder 4 paws. Item # DYWH $17.99

Perky-Pet Wild Flower
Turn flower beds, patio planters or hanging baskets into colorful hummingbird gardens. Generous 8oz capacity, snap-on flower top removes completely for easy cleaning and filling. 3-piece green stem inserts into each other to adjust feeder height. Clear feeder bowl for easy visual check of nectar level. Thirteen feeding holes allow easy access to the nectar. Please specify White, Yellow or Red. Item # PP288 $8.99