Willett Lab Photos

FRONT ROW: Beth Emerson, Lu Wang
BACK ROW: Dr. Asok Dasmahapatra, Amit Chaudhary, Dr. Kristie Willett, Cammi Hickman, Hallie Freyaldenhoven, Dr. Wu Dong

Happy Birthday Kristie! 2006

Cammi Thornton with her poster at the SETAC Milwaukee meeting, November 2007

Kristie Willett, Shiqian Zhu, and Mary Haasch after Zhu's PhD defense, November 2007

Kristie with Zhu at her graduation, May 2008

Lab picture May, 2009 Front row, Nurdan Aydin, Linda Hu, Xiefan Fang, Cammi Thornton, Lu Wang; Back row, Minghui Wu, Dr. Wu Dong, Kristie Willett, Crystal Warren

Lu Wang receives the SOT Toxicologic and Exploratory Pathology Specialty Section Award, March 2009

Cammi Thornton, Xiefan Fang and Lu Wang at Lu's PhD graduation, May 2009

Kristie gives Fish! Presentation at the local library, June 2010. Nancy introducing her.

Cammi, Frank Booc and Kristie travel to Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada to learn steroid extractions in Dr. Deborah MacLatchy's laboratory.

Lab picture September, 2010. Front Row, Xiefan Fang, Cammi Thornton, Kristie, William Faulkner, Dr. Jone Corrales; Back row, Faisal Albaqami, Frank Booc, Adam Hawkins, Meghan Dailey and Crystal Warren.

Environmental toxicology graduate students in 2011. Cole Easson, Sylvester Lee, Adam Hawkins, Kimberly Foster, Frank Booc and Meghan Dailey.

Lab picture July, 2012. Go Team! Kristie, Meghan, Frank, Cammi, Adam, Khalid Alharthy, Mallory White*, Faisal, Kate Mislan* and Jone.

Frank, Jone and Kristie travel to Mount Desert Island Marine Laboratory, Maine for the Fundulus Genome Annotation workshop, September 2012.

Terika Tillman* after her McNair Summer Program presentation.

Frank and Kristie before his MS degree graduation May, 2014.

2014 Faculty Teaching Fellows: Drs. Erin Holmes, Danny Riche and Kristie Willett

Lab Lunch after Adam Hawkins' successful PhD defense, June 2014. Counter clockwise, Adam, Katie Pranapda, Khalid, Dr. Asok Dasmahpatra, Faisal, Kristie, Cammi and Ross Thornton.

Cammi and our Zebrafish

Dr. Jeff Steevens, University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy Alumnus of the Year with Kristie and Dean Allen. April 2015.

5th grade Horizons summer visit to the lab to learn about toxicology and fish.

Dennis Carty awarded the inaugural Dr. William Benson Graduate Student Award in Environmental Toxicology June 2016, presented by Dr. Stephen Cutler.

Lab picture Summer 2016. Cammi, Dennis, Kristie, Tristan Daily*, Mary Katherine Pearson*, JR Markos*, and Trisha Dhawan.

Kristie, Tristan and Cammi at end of ARISE summer research program. Tristan is a high school student from MS Science and Math that worked in our lab July of 2016.

Lab Lunch - Happy Holidays 2016!
Left to right: Ross, Kristie, Dennis, Trisha, James Gledhill, and Cammi

Alex Fratesi, undergraduate chemistry major, presenting our work at the Mississippi Water Resources Conference in Jackson, MS in April 2017. She won the first place platform award!

Collin Dietrich with Cammi and Kristie right before his defense of his honors thesis research.

James Gledhill, undergraduate forensic chemistry major after defending his independent study research project.

Patricia Ward, undergraduate forensic chemistry major after defending her independent study research project.

Congrats to our 2017 graduating seniors Patricia, Collin and James.

Chemistry Awards night - way to go Alex, JR and James - way to make our lab proud!

BMS representing at the Oxford MS March for Science: Kristie, Cole Stevens, Nicole Ashpole, Josh Sharp, Hoang Le, Danielle Noonan, and Janet Lambert

The 2017 Mid-South SETAC regional chapter meeting was co-hosted by OleMiss (Kristie Willett) and the USDA National Sedimentation Laboratory (Matt Moore) in Oxford, MS. Drs. Erin Bennett (BETC) and Piero Gardinali (FIU) provided a short course on scientific writing. Drs. Scott Rush (MSU) and Gardinali also provided key note lectures for the meeting participants.

The Mid-South SETAC science fair award winner presents her project to Dr. Willett during the poster session.

Cammi, Alexus Weekley, Kayci Kimmons and Kristie. Alexus and Kayci participated in the ARISE high school summer research program in 2017. Kayci attends the Mississippi School for Science and Math and Alexus attends Lafayette High School.

The TriCounty Workforce Alliance visit the School of Pharmacy. These high school students represent the community cohort that provided water samples for lead testing. By coming to campus they were able to understand how their samples were analyzed on the ICPMS and how Dennis uses fish to understand developmental toxicity of metals.