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kfg thumbnail I have always loved math, thanks in large part to my wonderful high school advanced math teacher. In 1983, I began transitioning to computer science, finding that it was a nice way to apply all of the advanced problem solving techniques and creative thinking that goes with higher order math. I have a strong interest in the visual arts and am sometimes a participant through painting and photography. I have degrees from Louisiana State University (B.S. in Mathematics Education), Ohio State University (M.S. degrees in Mathematics and Computer and Information Science), and the University of Mississippi (Ph.D. in Engineering Science).

I taught high school math for one year at St. Amant High School in East Ascension Parish, Louisiana. From 1986-1988, I was a Member of Technical Staff with AT&T Bell Laboratories. I worked on a project called NetStar for British Telecom. This was an incredible professional experience, and it was wonderful to learn C and Unix right from the source.

My family and I moved to Oxford, Mississippi in 1988 where I began working with the Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research supporting HPC researchers and applications. I began serving as the Director of Academic Computing in 1998, Assistant Vice Chancellor in 2003, and Chief Information Officer in 2006. I retired as CIO in 2017 and am continuing to work on software development and data analytics projects. I love working with the various teams in the Office of Information Technology and have thoroughly enjoyed UM's SAP project and the rich technology environment that it provides. I am proud of our advanced use of workflow, digital imaging, and other similar technologies for enhancing enterprise business processes.

I enjoy staying hands-on with technology and recently completed a Certificate in the Practice of Data Analytics offered by the Ohio State University College of Engineering.

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Kathryn F. Gates
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