Research Interests

S. Brewer - photos

Fire Ecology, Biodiversity, Historical/Restoration Ecology, Carnivorous Plants, Invasive Species

My research focuses on the effects of disturbances and resources on the structure and dynamics of plant populations and communities. I use responses of plants to "measure" the impacts of disturbances and resources and their relevance to the conservation and restoration of threatened or degraded plant communities in the southeastern coastal plain of the United States. Of particular interest to me is the ecological role of fire. Some of my current research includes:

1) the effects of fire and competition on the maintenance of plant species diversity (Competition and Biodiversity),

2) the community-level consequences of morphological plasticity in common and endangered plants (Plasticity, Adaptation to Fire, Carnivorous Plants),

3) the effect of fire suppression in the 20th century and ecological restoration on the structure of coastal plain forest and savanna communities (Historical and Restoration Ecology),

4) invasive species (Invasive Species).

5) Restoration synchrony of fuels and floristic quality (Joint Fire Science Program Grant).

Ongoing Research