English 200 Syllabus (update)

Okay, gang, here's the long-awaited syllabus that I've been talking about: a guideline of reading for the rest of the semester. (I wonder how long before we've strayed from this one?)

Note that there are a few changes from the works assigned in the original, and there are still a few holes in this (where assignments are to be announced); I'll let you know in class what assignments for those few days will be. (If, indeed, there will be assignments.)

Finally, for those of you who are nostalgic, you can still access the old syllabus if you really want to.

Last updated Oct. 18, 1995

Part II:
Relationships (continued)

Week 9: Oct. 16-20

Week 10: Oct. 23-27

Week 11: Oct. 30-Nov. 3

Part III:

Week 12: Nov. 6-10

Week 13: Nov. 13-17

Week 14: Nov. 20-24

Week 15: Nov. 27-Dec. 1

Week 16: Dec. 4-8

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