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English 205:
Masterworks of English Literature

Spring 1997
The University of Mississippi

Instructor: Mr. John B. Padgett
E-mail: egjbp@olemiss.edu

This web site is provided as a service to students enrolled in English 205, Section 10, at the University of Mississippi.


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About English 205

English 205, Masterworks of English Literature, is a sophomore-level course devoted to the study and appreciation of about nine acknowledged master writers of British literature. The course includes writers from all periods of English literature, including the medieval period (Chaucer), the Elizabethan Age (Shakespeare), the seventeenth century (Milton), the Restoration and eighteenth century (Pope), the Romantic period (Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Keats), the Victorian period (Dickens), and the twentieth century (Yeats, Conrad, Joyce, and Eliot). The course stresses literal comprehension of literary works and the critical thinking processes by which readers form evaluative and aesthetic opinions regarding such works. Along the way, I hope to demonstrate the emotional and intellectual pleasures (or jouissance) of reading and the relationships between the worlds depicted in literature and the world we call “real life.”

About this Site

The buttons at left represent links to the major categories of this site. Course Policy and Syllabus each represent one document and detail the academic requirements and the sequence of reading assignments for the semester. Quizzes will collect the questions given in pop quizzes throughout the semester (in most cases, without the answers), along with other pertinent questions regarding the literature; its purpose is to provide students questions that may help them in reviewing the material for the exams. Handouts will be a collection of, well, “handouts” that otherwise would have been photocopied and distributed to students. These will provide students additional information about certain topics relevant to the study of literature. Finally, Resources will be a collection of links to additional sources of information on the Internet, such as literary research tools, text archives, and author information sites.

About the Instructor

I have been a graduate instructor of English at the University of Mississippi since 1992. I have also taught at Clemson University. I hold a B.A. (1988) and M.A (1991) in English from Clemson and currently I am completing a Ph.D. in English at the University of Mississippi. My research interests include Southern Literature, especially William Faulkner, and English Romantic Literature (my M.A. thesis, “Shelley, Dante, and Romantic Irony,” is about Percy Bysshe Shelley). Other professional interests include nonfiction writing, especially journalism, and composition theory and instruction, particularly as it regards the use of computer and communications technology.

For more biographical and professional information, read the relevant sections at my World Wide Web home page. For information on how and when to reach me this semester, look at the course policy.

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