English 200:
Introduction to Literature

The University of Mississippi
Fall 1995

Instructor: Mr. John B. Padgett
Office: 108 Vardaman Hall
Telephone: 232-7103 (Freshman English office)
Office Hours: 9-10 MWF; 1:30-4 M



As a general rule, students should miss class no more than six times this semester. Though I have no system of penalties for absences beyond the sixth, students who skip class often risk substantially lower grades because of work missed.

Be on time. Not only is it rude to enter class five or ten minutes late, late arrivals also are likely to miss any pop quizzes or other graded class work.


Your grade in English 200 will be calculated according to the following percentages:
Both the midterm and the cumulative final exam will include short answer, identification, and multiple choice questions. The midterm will also include a take-home essay (due on the next class meeting), while the final exam will have an in-class essay section.

Daily work will include daily pop quizzes, group work, and other short essay writings done in class, as well as regular participation in "SOPHLIT," the on-line discussion group created for this class. (See "Computers" below.) Daily work also is a gauge of students participation in class and on-line discussions. I will give no make-ups for quizzes you miss.


Students in this class will be required to participate in "SOPHLIT," an on-line discussion group on Ole Miss's computer network. Students should send email to "SOPHLIT" on various topics relevant to literature a minimum of two times a week.

The full email address for SOPHLIT (where you should send your email) is:

To subscribe to SOPHLIT, send email to

with the single-line message "subscribe sophlit [your name]." (Don't type the quotation marks, and leave the subject heading blank.)

For additional guidance on how to use computers and services on the campus network, call the Computer Help Desk at 232-5222.

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