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Welcome to the Annex. These pages are designed to complement my work creating, maintaining, editing, and writing content for web pages published by the English Department at the University of Mississippi. It also will serve as a jumping-off point to literature resources available on the Internet, especially for students and other people new to the World Wide Web.

To view my personal home page, go here. Other web pages I have created (and which are still in a state of becoming) are

William Faulkner on the Web:
My personal take on the century's greatest novelist

The English Department at Ole Miss:
Official News and Information for the department.

The Writing Program at Ole Miss:
Again, the official site for the multi-faceted program, which includes the Freshman English Program; the University of Mississippi Writing Project, part of the National Writing Project; and the Writing Center at Ole Miss.

The Mississippi Writers Page:
My biggest project. This page, being published officially by the English Department, features author and book information, biographical and critical articles, bibliographies of research sources, news and events, publishers and publications, a chronology, "literary landmarks" and much more, all of it pertaining to writers from, in, and of the state of Mississippi.
  If you're new to the Internet, Click here for additional information. If you are a graduate instructor at Ole Miss and would like additional information on how to incorporate Email and the Internet in your classes, you might find this Guide for Graduate Instructors which I wrote useful.

Spring 1999 course web page:

Previous course web pages:

Literary Resources on the Web

There are a number of sites on the World Wide Web designed to help students of literature, not least of which is my own William Faulkner on the Web, about Oxford's most famous resident. Unfortunately, such literary sites on the Web are not always easy to find.

A few places to start searching include Yahoo, a general-purpose index that includes links to sites of every conceiveable variety. Of all the various Internet or World Wide Web “starting points,” Yahoo stands out as one of the best.

Some resources are more specifically literary resources. A few of these include

Text archives of public-domain books and writings are also available. Some other interesting and potentially literature-related sites include the Viet Nam Generation, Inc. Home Page, the Library of Congress (including its excellent archive of historical photos, recordings, and documents in the American Memory collection), a list of famous English majors (courtesy of Mississippi State University's English Department), and Pathfinder, the home of Time and a number of other Time-Life magazines such as Sports Illustrated and People.

For more specific searches of keywords (such as an author's last name), you should try some of these “search engines”:

    • Alta Vista: from Digital. An extremely large index of Web and Usenet documents, searchable by keywords and (in advanced search mode) by additional criteria such as dates.
    • Northern Light: a very good search offering a substantial selection of "Special Collection" materials (some of which requires payment, alas).
    • Hotbot: Yet another web search engine, offering the option to list up to 100 sites on a single page.
    • Yahoo: A user-friendly categorical listing of sites that features a simple search engine to indexed web sites. Linked to Alta Vista.
    • Infoseek: Handy, reliable searches.
    • Excite: Similar to Infoseek.
    • News Works: A useful search for online newspapers.
    • Deja News: Like News Works, but searches online newsgroups.
 Some Fun Places to Visit
Okay, so now that you're on the World Wide Web, you want to relax a little bit, right? We can't be serious all the time, now can we? Here are some places that you may find interesting, amusing, or engaging. 
    Random Link, from Yahoo. There's no telling where you'll end up.
    The Elvis Presley Page. Featuring the legal trouble the author almost got into with Elvis Presley Enterprises.
    Crime Scene Evidence File. An ongoing police investigation into a mysterious “death.” Some of you Ole Miss students may find the details of this crime (such as its location) very interesting, while fans of William Faulkner will be especially intrigued by the law enforcement agency heading the investigation.
    The Keirsey Temperament Sorter. A personality test. See what kind of personality you have. See if you're in the right major. See what your future holds for you, and what kind of jobs you might be good at, and who else in history and fiction resembles you psychologically. Answer the questions and you instantly receive your “grade” (a run-down on your personality type).
    Star Trek. Though much of this site has been assimilated into the MSN Collective, there is still a few things for free here. Live long and prosper.
    The Internet Movie Database. A vast on-line movie resource. Check reviews, biographies of movie figures, and lots of other things.
    Television: NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and FOX are all on the Internet, of course. Even UPN and WB are online as well. As for cable TV, nearly every channel is well represented on the net, from HBO and Cinemax to Discovery, A&E, the History Channel, ESPN, and of course all those Turner Entertainment Group stations. As for TV news, you can choose from the networks or from MSNBC and CNN Interactive.
    Welcome to Oxford, Mississippi. A cyber-guide to some town in northern Mississippi.
    The Envelope Please. A guide to the Oscars. Presented by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences.
More to come!

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