Using Sources, Page 9

Using Sources:

Now that you've gotten a brief introduction to the do's and don'ts of using sources, here is a short exercise on using sources. Read the following passage carefully, then click on the "next page" button to begin the exercise. You will then read a series of paraphrases and summaries of the passage, some of which are good, others of which are not good. Check the box describing what each passage is, and then in the text box, explain why. When you finish, click on the "Send Response" button at the bottom of the page.

from The Dragons of Eden, by Carl Sagan

     We can now recognize the very attractive possibility that the left hemisphere of the neo-cortex is suppressed in the dream state, while the right hemisphere--which has an extensive familiarity with signs but only a halting verbal literacy--is functioning well. It may be that the left hemisphere is not entirely turned off at night but instead is performing tasks that make it inaccessible to consciousness: it is busily engaged in data dumping from the short-term memory buffer, determining what should survive into long-term storage.

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