Portfolio Essay Selection Form
English 102

For each of the five essays you have written this semester, fill out the following form to help determine whether you should revise it for inclusion in the final portfolio.

Deadline: Thursday, April 25

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What are the strengths of this essay?

What are the weaknesses in this essay?
What ideas do you have for revising and editing this essay?
In which of the following areas is the essay particularly well done? (Check all that apply)
Excellent organization of material; ideas flow from sentence to sentence and from paragraph to paragraph smoothly and logically
Informative, vivid details; not a bunch of abstractions
Well-unified paragraphs
An excellent use of sources to back up the writer's ideas
Lively, vivid words and phrases
A logical, convincing argument
A good, narrow focus, with all pertinent points covered in the essay; did not oversimplify or needlessly convolute the issues

In which of the following areas does the essay need work? (Un-check all that do not apply.)

Sloppy, confusing, or hard to follow organization; sentences and paragraphs do not always flow logically or smoothly
Few vivid details; difficult to understand or to visualize the issues
Some paragraphs poorly unified; ideas do not seem to fit together
Sources are not used well; too much quoting, not enough summarizing or paraphrasing; paper seems like a series of quotes "strung together"
Dull or confusing language; words, phrases, and sentences sometimes don't make sense
Argument is not convincing; some relevant issues are not addressed in the essay; essay does not address opposition to the argument
Essay topic too broad; tries to cover too much
Will you revise this essay for inclusion in the final portfolio?
Yes, this essay will be in the portfolio
No, this essay will not be in the portfolio
List here any additional concerns or problems relating to your decision to use or not use this essay in the final portfolio.

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