English 102
Freshman Composition

Spring 1996
Instructor: John B. Padgett

The University of Mississippi
Oxford, Mississippi


This is the home page for sections 36 and 43 of English 102. Here you will find course policies, assignments, handouts, links to Internet sites, and other information pertaining to English 102.

English 102 is the second of a two-part course in basic writing; it differs from English 101 primarily in that students in English 102 are expected to write more argumentative essays supported by a greater amount of documented, external research.


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Course Policy

Information on course objectives, attendance, required materials, course structure and evaluation, and other relevant issues. Also included is a summary definition of plagiarism.


A calendar of due-dates, reading and writing assignments, and meeting places


Detailed information about formal and informal writing assignments


A repository of required and recommended readings for the course


A number of links to information resources on the World Wide Web

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Last updated January 16, 1996

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