Online Databases

English 200:
Introduction to Literature

Section 21
Fall 1998
The University of Mississippi
Department of English

Over the past several years, the J.D. Williams Library at the University of Mississippi has added a number of useful online databases for use in research. Because of their cost to operate, most of these are restricted to Ole Miss faculty and students.

For access to the library's online databases, go to this page. Here you will be able to access a page detailing the passwords used to access remote databases. Galenet is a particularly useful database for this class; currently, our library subscribes to Galenet's "Exploring Poetry," "Most Studied Authors," and "Contemporary Literary Criticism Select" databases. Another useful database is Ebscohost, which is separate from Galenet but can be accessed using the same password as Galenet.

If you are using a terminal hooked directly to the Ole Miss servers (including a telephone modem connection to the Ole Miss dial-up numbers), you may click here to go straight to the web page detailing the passwords. If you are connecting to the Internet via a separate service provider, such as or Dixie-Net, you can access the password page from this page; when prompted, enter the user name and password I told you about in class.

Good luck with your online searches.

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