Similar in application and effect to ridicule, but with escalation of contempt (heightened tonal and facial anger, extended piercing eye contact, repeated verbal baiting). Example: "Well, you know so much about it, why don't you just tell the class how you've got it figured out. Come on, we're all waiting. What's the matter, cat got your tongue? A minute ago you had your own interpretation all worked out, didn't you, wanted to shoot me down, huh, well, where is it? Here I am, go ahead, shoot me down. No? Can't do it? Or are you just afraid? Afraid I'll flunk you? Don't be chicken. Be a man. Come on, don't put your tail between your legs and run at the slightest whiff of danger. Let's hear it. I don't hear anything. Class, did you hear anything? Michelle, you're sitting next to him, did you hear him say anything? I'm straining to hear what he's got to say, and I'm not hearing a peep. I guess that means I should probably go on. Or does anyone else have their own interpretation that they want to share with the class?"

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