What nocturnal monsters do books keep at bay for you? Think: what does that ever-handy book do to your unconscious dream life, nightmares and daydreams, that (you think) nothing else can do? Were your parents less angry, less violent when you were reading? Would they pester you with invasive questions whenever you weren't reading, or when you were reading inappropriate material? Just what is the connection in your life between reading and oral pleasures like thumb-sucking, smoking, tongue-chewing, fellatio, and breast-nuzzling? What is the soporific or anesthetic effect of reading in bed late at night? Do you read yourself to sleep? Do you ever knock back a shot of Scotch or a Seconal and then jump in bed with a book? Does reading bring you around in the morning? Do you read a book or the paper over coffee--and can you imagine the one without the other? Does morning reading excite or dull your dream life during the day?

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Copyright 1993 Doug Robinson and Attila the Hun