Well, have you? Think about it.

While you're thinking on this one, ponder the importance of knowing just what the question was, or flipping back to the page where we asked it in the first place, and coming away more frustrated than before, since that question never played by the rules in the first place, it was a "trick" question, except we never planned it that way, it just happened, it asked us, and all we could do is answer, "Um ... uh--"

No, really. We aren't clever at all. It's just not in us any more to be clever, except of course as a therapeutic move, not something we enjoy doing just to show you how clever we are. Because we aren't. That's in our past now. Our old selves were quite clever. And took a good deal of pride in their cleverness. We are past pride.

You can get there, too. Just take a left at humility and go straight until you come to the sign on the corner that reads "These are my servants Doug and Bill, in whom I am well pleased."

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