In fact, be honest: when was the last time you read a book you did enjoy? Would you feel guilty reading for pleasure, when you're so far behind on the secondary literature in your field? When you see a colleague leaning back in his/her chair at work, laughing out loud while reading a mass-market paperback off the current bestseller list, do you feel slight twinges of contempt and envy? Do you mutter under your breath, "Yeah, well, I can see why I've got a new book coming out and you don't, shit-for-brains," and simultaneously wish (just for a passing moment, mind, and almost subliminally) that you didn't have the page proofs to read for your next book, five exciting new studies in your field to peruse and plunder for the book after that, which you're halfway through writing, and three great book ideas in the hopper for when you're finished with that one--so you too could kick back and read the latest Stephen King?

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