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Registered professional engineer with five years teaching, research, and consulting experience in a doctoral degree granting U. S. university and over ten years in prominent U. S. structural engineering consulting firms and research organizations. Specialties in 3D computational simulations and field vibration measurements for seismic, fatigue, and blast damage assessments with applications to design, retrofit, and monitoring of buildings, bridges, and offshore structures.



Ph. D. in Civil Engineering and Operations Research, June 1996
Dissertation: Seismic Fragility of an Existing Conventional Reinforced-Concrete Highway Bridge
M. A. in Civil Engineering and Operations Research, June 1993


M. S. in Civil Engineering, May 1981
Thesis: A Comparison of Fatigue Life Improvements Obtained by Weld Reinforcement and Toe Grinding
B. S. in Civil Engineering, May 1978


UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, Oxford, Mississippi 1996-Present

Innovative Instructor  primary responsibility for teaching the following courses having up to 53 undergraduate students and 17 graduate students, including web pages with downloadable instructional computer programs, network-based state-of-the-art commercial software applied in the classroom and project work, and a hands-on structural dynamics laboratory:

Introductory and Intermediate Mechanics- introduce engineering majors to rigid body vector mechanics including both statics and dynamics of 2D and 3D bodies.

Finite Element Analysis I and II- introduce engineering graduate students to the finite element method in solid and fluid mechanics, covering linear static and nonlinear/dynamic, respectively.

Structures I and III- introduce civil engineering juniors and seniors to elementary structural analysis topics and code provisions for building/highway loadings and to dynamic response analysis topics, respectively.

Civil Engineering Laboratory II- introduces senior civil engineering students to piezoelastic strain, photelastic stress, and vibration frequency measurement techniques applied to civil structure systems.

Civil Engineering Design I and II-  two-semester capstone design course for senior civil engineering students providing in-depth investigation of building codes and mastery of state-of-the-art structural design and land planning software, culminating in innovative design of a major civil structure system.

Prestressed Concrete Design- introduces civil engineering graduate students to advanced topics in the behavior and design of prestressed and post-tensioned concrete elements.

Solid Mechanics- introduces civil engineering graduate students to nonlinear constitutive laws in solid mechanics including 1D/3D classical theories and computational methods for elastoplasticity and viscoelasticity.

Graduate Student Motivator  primary responsibility for initiating a focused graduate program in Structural Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering, including acting as major advisor for the following masters and doctoral recipients:

Master of Science in Engineering Science
Jaginath Gopalakrishnan, May 1999;
Jeremy Rice, May 1999;
Anupa Gopinath, May 2000;
Prabin Tuladhar, December 2000;
Bernard LeBlanc, May 2001 (anticipated);
Saroj Shrestha, August 2001 (anticipated);

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Science
Ismail Kamal Ismail, January 2001.

Outreach Teaching Consultant  one of five faculty members who developed a new course, Introduction to Engineering, initiated in September 2000 into the curriculum of the Oxford High School:
Designed three-week module introducing students to structural mechanics and design of simple systems; trained the instructor; inspected three 10 ft long  wood bridge structures designed and built by the student teams; recommended improvements to ensure successful support of 500 lb load at midspan.

Classroom Network Administrator  primary responsibility for installing (in December 2000), configuring, and maintaining a Windows 2000 network of 21 high-performance Dell workstations, dedicated to instruction in the Department of Civil Engineering:
Installed server-based state-of-the-art software for structural concrete and steel design (SAP2000, RAM Steel), computer-aided drafting (AutoCAD 2000, Microstation), 3D graphic visualization and animation (3D Studio Max), civil design and land planning (Terramodel, GEOPAK, Civl Design, Land Developer), mathematical programming (MatLab), and finite element analysis (Patran);  in 3 months service have initialized and maintained approximately 100 student and faculty accounts on the system.


Registered  Professional Engineer- License No. 65813, New York


Member, American Society of Civil Engineers/Structural Engineering Institute (Mississippi Section Structures Chair)

Member, Chi Epsilon (Ole Miss Student Chapter Faculty Advisor)

Member, National Society of Professional Engineers (Vice President-Elect, District III, Mississippi Engineering Society)

Member, American Society of Engineering Educators

Member, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

Member, American Academy of Mechanics


UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, Oxford, Mississippi 1996-Present

Assistant Professor responsible for PATRAN / ABAQUS nonlinear dynamic 3D computational simulations for seismic vulnerability evaluation of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, steel, and masonry structures

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, Princeton, New Jersey 1992-1996

Research Assistant responsible for seismic fragility analysis of existing reinforced concrete buildings and highway bridges and system identification for the damage assessment of ancient masonry structures.


PRIVATE PRACTICE, Oxford, Mississippi   1996-Present

Consulting Engineer responsible for evaluating structural response of buildings and bridges

WEIDLINGER ASSOCIATES, New York, New York   1988-1991

Bridge Engineer responsible for fatigue analysis, finite element modeling, structural steel design, and maintenance inspection for major East River suspension bridge rehabilitation projects.

ADAPCO, Melville, Long Island, New York   1986-1988

Structural Analyst responsible for performing finite element analysis and fatigue evaluations of engine components and assemblies.

MOBIL R & D CORP, Dallas, TX / MOBIL OIL E & P CO, INC, Louisiana    1981-1986

Senior Research Engineer responsible for monitoring research contracts in the area of fatigue and fracture mechanics of welded, stiffened offshore tubular joints.

Project Engineer responsible for structure and foundation design, construction management, and inspection for marine and offshore structure projects.

Evaluation of Earthquake Effects on Selected Structures and Utilities at the University of Mississippi- A Mitigation Model for Universities, (with C. T. Swann, R. M. Hackett, R. K. Stewart, and C. B. Lutken ), Final Report to Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, Department of Civil Engineering and Mississippi Minerals Resources Institute, December, 1999 (258 pp.)

NCEER/FHWA Highway Project 106 Tasks E-7.1.1 and E-7.1.2: Vulnerability Assessment- Structure Fragility, (with A. S. Cakmak), Final Report to Federal Highway Administration, Department of Civil Engineering and Operations Research, Princeton University, Technical Report NCEER-97-0017, December, 1997 (94 pp.)

Seismic Vulnerability Evaluation of a North Mississippi Hospital, (with R. M. Hackett), Final Report to Central U. S. Earthquake Consortium,November, 1997, (64 pp.)

Bronx-Whitestone Bridge Eyebar Investigation, (with Ron Mayrbaurl), Weidlinger Associates, Final Report to Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, June 1990 (234 pp.)

Structural Analysis and High Cycle Fatigue Evaluation of Crankshaft for SCORE 580 and Heat Transfer and Structural Analysis of Accessory End Housing and Intermediate Housing for SCORE 580, (with A. DiBiccari and D. Purnell), ADAPCO Report Nos. 35-04-001 and 35-04-002, resp., Final Reports to John Deere Technologies International, Inc., Rotary Engine Division, August 1987 (106 pp. and 204 pp., resp.)


Seismic response interaction between subsurface geology and selected facilities at the University of Mississippi, Engineering Geology, Elsevier, (accepted December, 2000, to appear in a special issue on seismic hazards in the New Madrid fault zone).

A practical 3D column damage element for seismic analysis of RC structures, (with A. S. Cakmak), Computers and Structures, Elsevier, (accepted July, 2000).

Filament wound retrofitting of concrete bridge structures, (with J. R. Rice, R. M. Hackett, and G. L. Ma), Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, Technomic, 18 (12), 1999, pp.1113-1131.


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Computational simulation procedure for soil structure interaction modeling in building seismic damage response, 4th International Conference on Recent Advances in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics, March 26-31, 2001 in San Diego, CA.

Performance-based evaluation of bridge substructure in north Mississippi using nonlinear FEM and field vibration measurements, ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE 2000), Orlando, FL, November 9, 2000.

Soil structure interaction issues for three dimensional computational simulations of nonlinear seismic response,  (with I. M. K. Ismail),  ASCE 14th Engineering Mechanics Conference (EM2000), May 21-24, 2000, Austin, TX.

Computational Modeling of CFRP Retrofitted Design for Seismic Upgrade of CMU Walls, for the ASCE 14th Engineering Mechanics Conference (EM2000), May 21-24, 2000, Austin, TX.

New Madrid seismic response interaction between subsurface geology and campus facilities at Ole Miss, (with C. T. Swann), 71st Annual Meeting of the Eastern Section of the Seismological Society of America, October 18-20, 1999, Memphis, TN, (abstracts only).

Soil-structure interaction issues for3-D computational simulations of seismic response including local nonlinear behavior, 20th Southeastern Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (SECTAMXX), April 16-18, 1999, Pine Mountain, GA.

Computational modeling of CFRP retrofitted concrete and masonry wall response, (with A. Gopinath), 20th Southeastern Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (SECTAMXX), April 16-18, 1999, Pine Mountain, GA.

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