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Names of men who sources indicate belonged to the regiment, but where companies are not given. The source of the name is given in the heading; if a second source also contains the name, the source is indicated numerically.

From Compiled Service Records

R.E. Mason [1] Josiah D. Roberts [1]

From Tennesseans in the Civil War

It seems likely that many of these men did not serve with Russell's 20th Regiment, but one of the other "20th Cavalry" units. Those I believe I can justify assigning to Nixon's 20th Cavalry appear only on the Other 20th Regiments page and have been eliminated from this list. Home counties in this listing are also from the "other" 20th microfilm.

John Blundell (Bedford Co. TN) Mark Bowen [9] George W. Boyce (Perry Co. TN) T.W. Branson [9]
W.S. Brewer [9] N.L. Brown [9] Henry Buchanan [9] William T. Carroll [9]
Samuel Casteel (Bedford Co. TN) Benjamin Castiel (Bedford Co. TN) William Combs (Benton Co. TN) Jefferson G. Cook (Rutherford Co. TN)
Lawson J. Cox [9] John W. Crews [9] G.T. Culberhouse John Donaldson (Lincoln Co. TN)
Jefferson Edmonds [9] B.D. Ellis [9] Lafayette Ezell Pleasant J. Floyd (Benton Co. TN)
T.W. Floyd John Forest (Benton Co. TN) Marcellus R. Gaines Thomas L. George (Lincoln Co. TN)
John M. Glasgow [9] T.J. Glass [9] A.F. Gore Thomas L. Green [1] as Pettyjohns' Co., [9]
James M. Grew William H. Hall Daniel T. Hardin (Lincoln Co. TN) Judson Hargis (Benton Co. TN)
James A. Haynes George W. Heath (Williamson Co. TN) James M. Hedgecock 1st Lt. Charles T. Herrin
Thomas Jewell Martin Killpatrick (Perry Co. TN) J.A. Kindrick [9] James T. Latimer (Bedford Co. TN)
William J. Letsinger J.L. Lowry (Green's Co.) John M. Madden (Benton Co. TN) Samuel H. Madden (Benton Co. TN)
Joel Mafield (Williamson Co. TN) Thomas E. Massey James K. McCollum (Perry Co. TN) George McGlohon (Benton Co. TN)
James D. McNeill (Benton Co. TN) John Pafford (Benton Co. TN) Elujah N. Quilling (Benton Co. TN) Andrew Ferrell Riley (Lincoln Co. TN)
Hardin F. Russell (Davidson Co. TN) John H. Shelton (Alabama) Wet Shelton (Alabama) George Madison Smith [9]
Lt. William A. Stuts (L Co.) William H. Taylor (Benton Co. TN) 2 Lt. A.J. Tharp Polk Thomas
William D. Thomas Phillip Thornton (Benton Co. TN) Andrew Walters [9] Benjamin L. Wells (Benton Co. TN)
William J. Wiseman (Benton Co. TN) Peyton Womack Henry Wright Joseph S. Young

From Index of Tennessee Confederate Pensions

Thomas B. Herrin (Benton Co. TN) Z.M. Morris [1] as 12th Inf. John W. Rains [12]

From Miscellaneous Sources

J.A. Carrington
Source: Confederate Veteran
John W. Harris
Source: descendant
William A. Staule
Source: Confederate Veteran
Albert Gallatin Harris
Source: Willoughby
J.E. Latham
Source: Online Index to Confederate Soldiers Home Applications

Greer's Regiment

The compiled service records include POW records of a number of men who listed their unit as Greer's Regiment (or a similar variant). Ingmire's compilation of Confederate POW deaths lists a number of these men as part of Greer's Texas Battalion; whether this is a mistake in the records or another unit is not presently known.

James M. Arnold, Co. A John H. Barnes [1,11] Francis M. Barnett, Co. D [1] James H. Beavers (Bavers), Co. B
William C. Birthwright (Birthright) [1] J. Blackmore, Holmes Co. [1], [11] as Blakemore Thomas Blankenship, Co. C [1] William Campbell, Co. B
Robert J. Coles (Cole), Co. B Robert J. Coze (Coles, Robt. D. Cole) [1] in Co. D William L. Easterwood, Co. C [1] J.S. Fields, Co. E [1]
William H. Franklin (M.H. Franklin) William Harrison Grier (Grear, Greer) Walter B. Grizzard [1] as Green's Partisan Rangers, [9] Albert G. Hankins (Hawkins, A.O. Hackins)
Franklin Hawkins (Hockins) John H. Hemphill Robert L. Hemphill William B. Hemphill
Samuel P. Irwin (Erwine, Erwin) [1] James Keyes (Keyers) [11] as Keys J.C. Lowery, Bowman's Co. [1,11] Jesse Lowery [1] in Bowman's Co.
B.L. Mitchum [1] John A. Murray [1] James H. Osier, Co. A [1] J.T. Palmer [1] as Co. A Greer's Inf.
B. Parish Andrew J. Pettijohn, Co. A [1] John W. Pope William H. Reeve, Co. A [1]
Richard H. Robertson (Roberson), Co. A [1] Charles Melvin Ross (T.M. Ross), Co. C John Robert Ross (John B. Ross), Co. C William A. Scoby, Co. A [1]
W.M. Stewart, Co. A [1] J.M. Tompson (Thomson, A.J.M. Thomason), Co. A [1] James H. Thomson (Tompson, Thomason) John Traywick, Co. A [1]
D.D. Webb, Co. A [1] C.H. Wyatt, Co. F [1] Henry C. Young  

From Other Sources

Milton Scott Martin [1,9] T.B. Parrish, Co. A [1]    

The Dyer County History Page says that Co. E was Capt. Tom Skinner's Company.

Tennesseans in the Civil War also contains at least one name, Robert L. Raines, listed as belonging to "Bell's Cavalry, Co. A". This may refer to the partisan unit T.H. Bell commanded during the summer and fall of 1863.

A.T. Gay's Command

G.W. Taylor (Dyer and Moore, 1915-22/85, pp. 2031-32) lists the following as the men he served with under A.T. Gay during 1864 and 1865. These have been matched with names from Company E of the Consolidated Regiment as given by Tennesseans in the Civil War.

D.A. "Dave" Ballington (Berlington, Bullington) [1,12], [9] as Bullington Robert S. "Bob" Barnes [1,9,12] W.D. "Bill" Bobett (Bobbitt) [1,9] John B. Branch [1,12]
Bill Coleman G.N. Davidson [1,9,12] Robert E. "Bob" Edwards [1,9,12] Green Fulghum [1,12]
Capt. A.T. "Tom" Gay [1] Bill Lorance Fountain Love [1] as F.E.P. Love, [12] N.L. McKee [1,12]
Lt. A.T. Purly Seaf Roades John G. Sharp Charly Stone
G.W. Taylor [1,12] John Tucker [1,12] A.T. "Tom" Witherspoon (Weatherspoon) [1,12]

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