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Revised June 22, 1999
Summary of Changes

This list includes all the references I have reviewed or used in preparing these web pages. I've tried to sort them into categories to provide general guidance, but have not tried to separate them by quality or quantity of information. I have included comments describing special aspects of the sources where I thought it might be useful.

In some of the categories, notably the Forrest biographies, there are a number of significant works that I've yet to review.

Suggestions of other references would be appreciated.


See references for the Middle Tennessee Raid

Biographies of Individual Soldiers

  1. Baker, Pansy N. and Charlotte S. Reynolds, Weakley Remembered, Volume 3, Bradford, TN: Skullbone Printing, 1982, pp. 123-147.
    Contains list of units raised from Weakley County and known Weakley county veterans.
  2. Carter, T.A., "Diary from the Confederate War for Southern Independence", ed. by Scott Gartin, unpublished manuscript.
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  5. Crutchfield, J.A., Unpublished letters in collection of the Gordon Browning Museum and Genealogical Library, McKenzie, TN.
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    Vol. I: B.T. Bondurant, pp. 343-5.
    Vol. II: A.B. Childress, pp. 504-5; D.J. Cope, pp. 559-560; J.R. Dance, pp. 628-631; M.B. Dinwiddie, pp. 693-6; H.E. Frazier, pp. 848-9.
    Vol. III: A.J. Killebrew, pp. 1287-9; J.T. Killen, pp. 1289-90.
    Vol. IV: J.R. Miles, pp. 1532-3.
    Vol. V: E.O. Randle, pp. 1792-3; H.S. Randle, p. 1793; W.M. Rasberry, pp. 1796-7; G.M.D. Ross, pp. 1883-4; L.F. Stalcup, pp. 1997-8; G.W. Taylor, pp. 2031-2, R.Z. Taylor, pp. 2037-8; L.H. Tyree, pp. 2087-9; J.J. White, pp. 2172-4; J.G. Wynne, pp. 2248-9.
  7. History of Tennessee, Nashville: Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1887.
    Primarily used reprint edition, published by Southern Historical Press, 1978. This edition is broken up into multiple volumes, divided geographically.
    Gibson County: entries for T.J. Parr (p. 908), A.W. Rains (p. 911), William A. Wyatt.
    Henry County: entries for M.H. Freeman, A.G. Hawkins, T.C. McNeill (p. 915), N.W. McNeill (p. 915), W.G. Wynns.
    Weakley County : entries for B.T. Bondurant, W.T. Lawler, G.W. Rowlett, and S.P. Scott.
  8. Ingmire, Frances T., Confederate POWs: Soldiers & Sailors Who Died in Federal Prisons & Military Hospitals in the North, 1984 (orig. pub. War Dept. 1915).
  9. Sherril, Charles A. (editor), Tennessee's Confederate Widows and Their Families, Cleveland (Tennessee) Public Library, 1992.
  10. Tennessee State Library & Archives, Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications, ca. 1964.
  11. Watkins, Raymond W., Confederate Deaths, Meridian, MS: Lauderdale County Department of Archives and History, Inc.
    Vol. I (Publication #107, 1989): includes Lauderdale Springs Hospital
    Vol. III (Publication #109, 1992): includes Guntown, Okolona

Brice's Crossroads

  1. Forrest, Nathan B., Report on Action at Tishomingo Creek, Official Records, Series I, Volume 39, Part 1, pp. 221-231.
  2. Lee, Stephen D., "Battle of Brice's Cross Roads, or Tishomingo Creek, June 2nd to 12th, 1864", Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, 6: 27-37, 1902.
  3. Leftwich, William Groom Jr., "The Battle of Brice's Cross Roads", West Tennessee Historical Society Papers, 20: 5-24, 1966.
  4. Morton, John W., "Battle of Tishomingo Creek or Brice's Cross-Roads", The Southern Bivouac (Southern Historical Society of Lousiville), 1(9/10): 366-383, May/June 1883.

Forrest and Forrest's Cavalry

  1. Bearss, Edwin C., Forrest at Brice's Cross Roads and in North Mississippi in 1864, Dayton, OH: Press of Morningside Bookshop, 1991.
  2. Chalmers, James R., "Forrest & His Campaigns", Southern Historical Society Papers, 7(10): 451-486, October 1879.
    An "address" by one of Forrest's division commanders.
  3. Deaderick, Barron, Forrest: "Wizard of the Saddle", Memphis: S.C. Toof & Co., 1960.
    A 16 page pamphlet. The copy I've seen only has the first eight pages, covering the period prior to March 1864. The booklet is dedicated to five Burrow brothers in the Army of the CSA, four of whom rode with Forrest.
  4. Henry, Robert Selph, "First With the Most" Forrest, Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1944.
  5. Hurst, Jack, Nathan Bedford Forrest, New York: Vintage Books, 1994.
  6. Jordan, Thomas and J.P. Pryor, The Campaigns of Lieut.-Gen. N.B. Forrest, and of Forrest's Cavalry, originally published 1868.
    Chapter XIII forward are the chapters relevant to this effort.
    Reprint edition (1): Dayton, OH: Press of Morningside Bookshop, 1988. Adds an index
    Reprint edition (2): New York, NY: Da Capo Press, 1996. Paperback; adds new introduction, but lacks index.
  7. Mathes, J. Harvey, General Forrest, Original publication -- New York: Appleton & Co., 1902. Reprint edition -- Memphis, Burke's Book Store, ca. 1986

Fort Pillow

  1. Cimprich, John and Robert C. Mainfort, Jr., "Fort Pillow Revisited: New Evidence About an Old Controversy", Civil War History, 28(4): 293-306, 1982.
    Includes the Clark letter listed below.
  2. Clark, Achilles V., "A Letter of Account", ed. by Dan E. Pomeroy, Civil War Times Illustrated, 24(4): 24-25, June 1985.
    Transcribes a letter from Achilles V. Clark of the 20th describing the action at Fort Pillow.
  3. Coyarch, John and Robert C. Mainfort, "Dr. Fitch's Report on the Fort Pillow Massacre", Tennessee Historical Quarterly, 44(1), Spring 1985.
  4. Fitch, C., "Capture of Fort Pillow -- Vindication of General Chalmers by a Federal Officer", Southern Historical Society Papers, 7: 439-441, 1879.
    Dr. Fitch was the Federal surgeon in charge at the time of the action.
  5. Forrest, Nathan Bedford, Report on the Action at Fort Pillow, Official Records, Series I, Volume 32, Part 1, pp. 613-617.
  6. Manes, Lonnie E., "The Fort Pillow Massacre: Fact or Fiction", Tennessee Historical Quarterly, 45(4), Winter 1986.
  7. Moore, Kenneth Bancroft, "Fort Pillow, Forrest, and the United States Colored Troops in 1864", Tennessee Historical Quarterly, 54(2): 112-123, Summer 1995.
  8. Stanchak, John E., "A Legacy of Controversy: Fort Pillow Still Stands", Civil War Times Illustrated, September/October 1993, pp. 18,25,75,76,78.
    A tourism piece on the Ft. Pillow State Historical Area, this article contains a little information on the action.
  9. Tap, Bruce, "These Devils Are Not Fit to Live on God's Earth: War Crimes and the Committee on the Conduct of the War", Civil War History, 42(2): 116-132, June 1996.
    Discusses the origins, development, and results of the Congressional investigation of the happenings at Fort Pillow.


See references for Hood's Invasion of Tennessee.

Hood's Invasion of Tennessee

  1. Groom, Winston, Shrouds of Glory, New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1995.
    Franklin, pp. 156-220. Nashville, pp. 221-265.


  1. Easterhold, John A., "Fort Heiman: Forgotten Fortress", West Tennessee Historical Society Papers, 28: 43-54, 1974.
    Pages 51-53 describe Forrest's 1864 activities
  2. Longacre, Edward C., "The Devil's Navy", Chapter 11 of Mounted Raids of the Civil War, Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1994, pp. 283-303.
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  4. Morton, John W., "Battle of Johnsonville," Southern Historical Society Papers, 10: 471-488, 1882b.
    Incorporates statement of Capt. F.P. Gracey, pp. 473-479.
  5. Williams, Edward F., III, "The Johnsonville Raid and Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park," Tennessee Historical Quarterly, 28: 225-251, 1969.


  1. Dinkins, James, "The Capture of Memphis by Gen. Nathan B. Forrest", Southern Historical Society Papers, 36: 180-196, 1908.

Middle Tennessee Raid

  1. Dinkins, James, "How Forrest Destroyed Sherman's Line of Communication", Confederate Veteran 34(2): 135-138, Feb. 1926


See references for Hood's Invasion of Tennessee.


  1. Domer, Ronald G., "Sooy Smith and 'That Devil Forrest'", America's Civil War, 11(2): 34-41, May 1998.
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  3. Forrest, Nathan Bedford, "Report of General Forrest of Operations against W. Sooy Smith in February, 1864", Southern Historical Society Papers, 8: 9-14, 1880a.
    Appears to be a reprint of the report in the Official Records.
  4. Manes, Lonnie E., "Forrest's New Command and the Failure of William Sooy Smith's Invasion of Mississippi", West Tennessee Historical Society Papers, 40: 55-72, December 1986.

Recruitment and Organization

  1. Dinkins, James, "Forrest's Wonderful Achievements", Confederate Veteran, 35: 10-13, January 1927.
  2. Forrest, Nathan Bedford, "General Forrest's Report of Operations in December, 1863", Southern Historical Society Papers, 8: 40-41, 1880b.
    Appears to be a reprint of material from the Official Records.
  3. Rennolds, Edwin H., A History of the Henry County Commands, originally published 1904, reprint Kennesaw, GA: Continental Book Company, 1961.
    Pages 257-275 deal with the 20th Tennessee
  4. Willoughby, Earl, "Church Grove, Camp Bell and Civil War", Dyersburg TN State Gazette, 12 November 1995.

Tennessee Cavalry Units

  1. Lindsley, John B., Military Annals of Tennessee: Confederate -- First Series, Nashville: J.M. Lindsley, 1886.
    Rolls of officers are given on pages 734 and 741. A list of casualties is given on page 734.
  2. Porter, James D., Confederate Military History, Vol. VIII: Tennessee, Chapter 12, "Tennessee Cavalry", Atlanta, GA: Confederate Publishing Co., 1899. Reprinted Secaucus, NJ: Blue & Grey Press, n.d., pp. 217-253.
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  5. Wright, Marcus J., Tennessee in the War 1861-1865, New York: Ambrose Lee Publishing Company, 1908.


  1. Ballard, Michael B., "The Battle of Tupelo", Papers of the Blue and Grey Education Society, No. 3, 1996
    Pamphlet edition underwritten by the Northeast Mississippi Historical and Genealogical Society.
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  4. Puryear, G.J., "No Man's Battle", Confederate Veteran, 22: 510, 1914.

West Tennessee History

  1. Forrester, Rebel C., Glory and Tears: Obion County, Tennessee 1860-1870, H.A. Lanzer Publishers, Union City, TN, 1970.
  2. Lee-Davis UDC Historical Society, Families and History of Gibson County, Tennessee to 1989, Lee-Davis UDC Historical Society, Milan, TN, 1989.
  3. Marshall, E.H., History of Obion County, Daily Messenger, Union City, TN, 1941.
  4. Culp, FM and Mrs. R.E. Ross, Gibson County Past & Present, Gibson County Historical Society, Trenton, TN, 1961.

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