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Revised June 16, 1999
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This roster is developed from the microfilmed Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers from Tennessee, microfilm series M268, roll 70, which is indexed as the 20th Tennessee Cavalry. This group contains record envelopes with prisoner and parole records showing service with the 20th Cavalry, but that the compilers did not connect to a specific unit (Russell's or Nixon's).

This page lists those names and makes tentative assignment of the men to specific units based on related information. Names are grouped by identifying factors.

Links are provided to biographical entries only for those men who appear to have been part of Russell's 20th Regiment or one of its component organizations.

Russell's 20th Tennessee

The following appear to match names already connected to Russell's 20th Cavalry:
H.C. Baker W.D. Bobbit William S. Bomar Reuben Bomer
Silas Cale John W. Crews Alexander Harman M.Z. Haukins
Perry Kemp T.P. Love William H. Massey R.J. McCerbs
Alex McCollough H.H. Reans James H. Rhoads J.S. Thomas
J.H. Thompson

Nixon's 22nd Tennessee Cavalry

Nixon's regiment was sometimes known in the field as the 20th Cavalry. Tennesseans in the Civil War states that it was made up primarily of men from Lawrence, Wayne, Giles, Marshall, and Maury Counties of Tennessee.

The compiled service records microfilm for Nixon's regiment have not been examined for this project.

Tennesseans in the Civil War notes that Nixon's regiment was involved in a skirmish near Moulton, AL on May 28, 1864. A number of records in the "20th Cavalry" group indicate involvement in this engagement and thus the men are believed to have served with Nixon's 20th:
Needham Barker William Brackin William E. Carter William W. Dorris
Sidney Gibson James Gist Joseph Gist Artemus Horarter
James Jackson John Livingston William McCollum Aaron L. Pryor
Edwin J. Simmons James Simpson William A. Steele Samuel A. Sullivan
Henry C. White

Parole records usually give a residence for their subject. At present, men from outside the West Tennessee home counties of Russell's regiment but who live in the home counties of Nixon's regiment are believed to have served with Nixon's regiment.

Giles County

James W. Appleton John Appleton Oliver Appleton James H. Barnes
John A. Bishop Elon H. Ezell John H. Harvey James F. Hendricks
Permanus Hogan Henry E. Johnson Hillary Kennemore Joseph Kimbrough
Eli F. McGill James W. McGill William R. Owens William G. Patterson
William D. Quigley Andrew J. Reese Andrew J. Smith John Summers
Thomas C. Taylor William Whiseant J.M. Wisdom Lafayette Wisdom

Lawrence County

James M. Anderson Dick Bentley Martin Blundell James T. Coldwell
Daniel T. Comer Thomas N. Curry Samuel Hardwick Charles F. Herrin, 1st Lt.
William R. Nipple Jeremiah Paine Joseph N. Sandy William R. Slagle
John M. Smith James A. Stewart Ira D. White

Marshall County

George W. Beckham William J. Bell Wade B. McNight Lambert C. Neal
Henry Novell John C. Tally

Maury County

John R. Dowell George C. Nixon, Lt. James K.P. Sowell William T. Whittaker

Wayne County

Coleman Davis George A. Jackson John A. Jackson John C. Jackson
John A. Suratt John Whitehead William Whitehead


A few men are listed as having been captured before the formation of Russell's regiment or far from it's field of activity.
William G. Armstrong (cap. 8/62) Allen Kennedy (cap. 11/63) John Absalom Owen (cap. 10/62)

A number of men are listed as residents of counties not normally included in Russell's 20th, nor known to be part of Nixon's regiment.


James M. Gilbert James Jacobs Jacob M. Rhodes John H. Shelton
Wet Shelton

Bedford County

John Blundell Samuel Casteel Benjamin Castiel Thomas Hicks

Benton County

Albert Brooks James R.C. Cole William Combs Pleasant J. Floyd
Benton Forest John H. Forest Judson Hargis Thomas Herrin
Burrell Jones James T. Latimer John M. Madden Samuel H. Madden
George McGlohan James D. McNeill David Pafford John Pafford
Elijah N. Quilling Charles F. Starnes William H. Taylor Philip Thornton
Benjamin L. Wells William J. Wiseman

Davidson County

Hardin T. Russell

Lincoln County

John Donaldson Thomas L. George Daniel T. Hardin Andrew F. Riley
Milton G. Stuart

Perry County

George W. Boyce Martin Killpatrick James K. McCollum Maitland Stone

Rutherford County

Jefferson G. Cook Simpson Harris Jesse V. Mullin

Williamson County

George W. Heath Joel Mayfield John M. Street

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