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Revised June 28, 1999
Summary of Changes

This roster is developed from the microfilmed Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers from Tennessee, microfilm series M268, rolls 69 and 70, which are indexed as the 19/20th Consolidated Tennessee Cavalry. These reels seem to have been compiled mostly from two sources and contain information on the unit before and after consolidation.

One source are lists of absentees and deserters from the 19th and 20th regiments prepared in late February 1865. This lists men by their company in the parent units; these may reflect prior consolidation of companies within regiments. The second source is the list of prisoners surrendered at Citronelle, AL in May 1865 which appears to use companies from the consolidated unit. A few other prisoner and parole records are also included.

Links are provided to biographical entries only for those men who appear to have been part of Russell's 20th Regiment or one of its component organizations. Biographical entries for men whose primary service was with the 19th Regiment are beyond the current scope of this effort.

Absent from the 19th Regiment

Field & Staff

Company A

H.C. Allen T.D. Cardwell John Clements William Conley
R.T. Grey S.H. Hopkins W.J. Littlejohn William Richards
A.T. Springer J. Wester

Company B

R.R. Acock Charley Alexander B.L. Ammons Cris Ammons
D.J. Ammons Doc Ammons James Ammons W.J. Ammons
James Arrick Richard Arrick S.J. Arrick Newton Ausment
Abraham Baker J.A. Barns Newton Barns James Baxter
J.R. Bland D.J. Bowden J.A. Bunt J.D. Caness
E.E. Carneill F. Clove Frank Crawford G.W. Crawford
J.R. Crawford R.B. Crawford Robert Crawford T.C. Crittenden
T.J. Crowder H. Cullender R.H. Davis Jim D. Dumas
L.C. Edgar M.D. Forrest W.H. Freeman J.L. Gibson
William Gill H.H. Gillespie Andrew Gooch J.H. Grantham
J.H. Granthorn W.W. Green W.W. Griggs S.M. Groames
J.E. Harris R.M. Harris E.L. Hendricks W.H. Hendrix
William Hicks J. Hokins -- Hollyfield James Hunter
T.N. Jackson Abraham Johnegan Crawford Johnegan George Johnegan
James Johnegan Thomas Johnegan M. Johnson W.T. Jones
Brad King Thomas Knight B.F. Lacefield Nick Lacefield
W.B. Lashley C.T. Lawlis Marion Ledford J.R. Lockman
L.L. Lockman J.W. Mason W.S. Mills Z.S. Milsted
Robert Mitchell B.J. Moore B.N. Moore John Moore
Robert Moore W.F. Moton George Mullins E.F. Murcherson
John Murcherson W.H. Nevie J.N. Oliver George Partridge
James Peeters Henry Powell Isaac Powell Nedon Powell
Alexander Roads W.H. Roark Anderson Rodgers Stephen Russell
J.M. Ruston Albert Sheton David Spencer D.W. Spencer
J.N. Stead B.C. Stegall James Sykes W. Thoeington
Colsien Tilman H.C. Turner Sam Turner William Turner
W.P. Walker E.C. Wamble D.T. Whittington James Wilhelm
William Wilson G.W. Wright Gilbert Wyott Marion Wyott

Company C

J. Anderson W.A. Anderson William Atkins John Avery
G. Bailey D. Bakin W.O. Bakin Jake Barrett
John M. Barrot T.O. Barrot West Beel Thomas Berry
James Bledso Thomas Bowlin William Bowlin W.M. Boyd
John Brady J.W. Brawford J.L. Britt C.A. Browan
John Brown O.E. Carpenter William Chandler C.A. Chapman
W.A. Clay William Cole J.F. Collett C. Cunningham
G. Davidson G. Davis E.J. Diffee Wash Diffee
John Dotson B.F. Elder J.R. Elkins W.A. Evins
J.W. Foster W.H. Freeman T.J. Fry R.N. Gallespie
W. Gardner N.C. Giles P. Halley E.S. Halton
J.M. Hamlett De Harris J. Harris John Harris
Jourdan Harrison E.S. Hatton N. Haynes T. Henry
William Hight James Hodge W.C. Jerdon J.J. Johnson
G.J. Joiner A.H. Jones W.J. Jones A.J. Jourdan
William King Thomas Kint D. Lacey D.S. Lacey
E. Lawrence J.C. Lee W.F. Light W. Mathews
J. Mathis W.F. McCabe S.S. McDougle W.H. McGiffin
James Moore Sidney Moore E.A. Morce T.N. Muchaman
B. Nailer E.A. Nailer J. Nailer John Nailer
Solomon Natts J.R. Neely G.B. Newsome William C. Odler
John ONeal W.F. ONeal J.B. Patterson S.E. Pearson
J.F. Perkins W. Perry J.D. Petty Aeriey Phillips
H. Pox W. Roberts J. Russell M. Scott
James Seller Thomas Sellers W.A. Sellers Andrew Setton
James Smith C.P. Spence G.W. Spence Brit Spencer [NOTE]
D.C. Spencer J.C. Spencer C.A. Steed M. Sullivan
C.E. Talley A.J. Taylor S. Tingler J.W. Tomlin
Luther Turner J. Umphlett Hack Vandiver R. Vantrice
W.A. Wadley H.M. Weir E.P. Whitiworth W.G. Williams
W. Willoon William Wilson W.T. Winslow

(Mar 1999) Keith Spence informs me that "Brit Spencer" is his ancestor Britton Spence of Madison County, Tennessee, and that the other Spence men in the company are first cousins of Britton Spence.

Company D

J. Ammons G.W. Baules W.R. Bean S. Boyles
James Brickers A. Brown G. Brown H.C. Chambers
James Coruth Dollar Crawford R.A. Dallas J.R. Damaron
Pat Echol Samuel Echol William Echol G. Elliott
Nick Emmons Dalis Erwin James Ezell Ed. Flanagan
A.L. George S. George Birt Gordon Zac Gordon
Daniel Gray Dave Gray John Gray C. Greer
James Hague S.F. Harrell L.I. Hill Robert Hill
G.H. House J.D. Houston S.J. Howell J. Huse
Elijah Knight R.W. Ledbetter J.T. Marris Jim McCollum
B. McDaniel H. McKee A. Meeks H. Melton
James Melton John Michie N. Mirgin William Murphy
James Nichol T.J. Norwood J.A. Perkins Warren Perkins
William Perkins James Pickens Frank Pipkens Jack Pipkens
Henry Platt T.J. Price W.B. Price D.H. Reynolds
Doc Richards H. Richards J.A. Riley D. Roberts
N. Robinson R. Russell James Stevens H. Steverson
Dick Tanner E. Taylor A.D. Templeton J.C. Walters
Charles Wardlow James Wardlow J.M. Wardlow L. Watson
S.H. Watson B. Whitaker A.W. White J.W. White
Fed Whiteker West Whiteker J. Wood Jo. Younger

Company E

G.W. Adams J.J.R. Adams J.R. Adams G.H. Akins
J.B. Atkins Thomas Beard W.H. Beck P.O. Bevis
William L. Cates J.C. Cates Dick Cross John Cunningham
J.R. Donnell J.R. Ellis Murry Ellis J.W. Flanagan
J.M. George H. Holman R.S. Houston David Howel
J.L. Huggins J.E. Jopling John Kendrick R. Kimbrough
A.J. Ledbetter John Linton G.W. Magee R.F. Maze
N.A. McAfee W. McDaniel L.J. McKalib D.M. McKenzie
G.B. McKenzie J.A. McKenzie M.M. McKenzie J.M. Neill
F.D. Overcast Sam Owens J.H. Randall P. Robinson
S.P. Sanders J.M. Skerrat J.T. Smith A.T. Sweat
James Tanner Jackson Tayler C.S. Trimble J.H. Utley
A.J. Veal E.H. Veal W.H. Wells R.P. Wilkinson
H. Winningham T.C. Woodward

Absent from the 20th Regiment

Company A

H.C. Blankenship W.L. Crocker T.F. Folk D.C. Goodman
J.T. Hill J.M. Holland T.D. Jones T.J. Law
Jesse Likle A.M. McCaleb J.P. Varhian G.W. Wade
J.B. Weddle

Company B

E.T. Bohannon J.C. Bowden J.B. Christian G.M.D. Clements
William Covington M.D. Crawford J.E. Gwin W.N. Hill
William Jones Robert G. Kirby S.C. Milam Thomas Milam
W.E. Mitchem T.J. Morris Alek Phillips A.V. Phillips
W.N. Phillips James Randle A.B. Reece J.L. Ridley
V.A. Rogers Oscar Sneed M.C. Towns William Waddle
H.N. Warbritton J.L. Wilcocks W.L. Wilcocks J.A. Wright
J.K.P. Wright

Company C

W.J. Hall

Company D

J.W. Alford B.R. Bartles J.W. Bowen W.H. Davidson
J.A. Demint J.M. Dodd S.L. Gibbons B.B. Gray
G.W. Haley F.S. Harvy H.S. Heath J.M. Kenady
J.M. Lanier J.M. Latta P.C. Ledsinger A.P. Mays
J.M. McClarin J.W. McKelvey J.W. McMin W.A. Morgan
J.W. Pope W.H. Pope W.M. Porter W.H. Rains
T.G. Reach W.E. Stewart O.B. Strong J.M. Taylor
J.W. Waddle E.H. Williams J.H. Yancy

Company E

Thomas Adams J.W. Andrews M.T. Arnold H.C. Baker
Polk Baldridge R.H. Baley A.D. Bell John Blakemore
J.K. Bottoms G.M. Bottums Jn. Brightwell E.W. Brinkley
I.T. Brinkley J.A. Brinkley G. Bullen J.W. Byd
G.H. Caldwell J.E. Caldwell John Cannon J. Carter
John Carter Foster Clark W.G. Coker Jesse Conn
A.J. Copper C.C. Coussey J.A. Covington A.B. Crenshaw
J.P. Crittenden O.M. Davidson W.R. Davidson J.H. Davis
W.D. Davis J.C. Dickerson I.E. Dillen T.B. Duke
Howard Ellis W.L. Evins John Farmer W.W. Fenville
M.E. Flowers S.M. Gardner William Gardner F. Garrison
A.L. Gibson D.T. Giles John Glass G.W. Glisson
G.W. Groom A.P. Guess H. Hannings H.C. Harper
E.S. Harris J. Harris A. Harrison M.H. Hawkins
W.D. Hawkins W. Hern E.T. Hollis J.M. Hollis
J.H. Horn D.W. Hosur E. House J.M. House
D. Hutcherson J. Hutcherson B.J. Jackson F.M Jackson
J.W. Jackson W.A. Jackson Z.M. Jackson Gus Johnson
J. Jones S.F. Jones Elijah Juleon John Juleon
John Kennedy John Key B.A. King W.T. King
Ed. T. Leigh J.P. Linsten L.D. Louis S.M. Marshall
H.K. Mathis J.T. Mathis Tom Mathis Mont Matin
R.J. McCombs R.E. McDaniel Jim McLiskey George McRayry
R. Melton Ab Miles James Miles R. Miles
Thomas Miles W.M. Mitchel William Montgomery Ad Nansin
J. Niblett Tom Nichols Tom Owen J.H. Parish
B.W. Peoples James Phillips John Phillips William Phillips
R. Piland Jesse Porter R. Riley H.C. Roberts
Calvin Rogers J.W. Rogers Vin Rogers E.R. Rooks
George Rowles William Rudd S.P. Scott W.R. Sellers
J.P. Shaw Put Showers O.F. Smith J.W. Snider
J.B. Snoddy Luke Sollis Tom Stevens G.F. Stockard
Cup L. Stoll Jim Summers R.L. Thornton Frank Tidwell
V.A. Tirrell D. Trout W. Trout William Tucker
Tom Vaught R. Vic W.T. Waddle W.W. Wade
James Walker John Waln A. White James White
J.P. White J.A. Whitson Gim Williams J.J. Willson
A.K. Wilson J.P. Wyatt

Company K

S.J. Alexander T.J. Bennett R. Bomar W. Bomar
B.S. Buchanan O. Buckley D.F. Bullock J.F. Busheart
D.O. Calloway John Calloway C.S. Cate W.L. Cawthorn
F. Clendanan T. Coley T.M. Crouch Green Dolan
A. Dunkin Ad. Dunkin J.J. Edwards J.B. Egell
J.W. Ellis Frank Fields T.J. Fields H. Frasier
J.P. Frazier L.W. French George Gillmoor W.W. Givvins
T.M. Grinell J.D. Grubbs A.H. Harman N.R. Hastings
N.E. Hays J.W. Henderson John Hicks H. Hodges
T.B. Howard G.W. Hunt W.S. Hunt A.J. Ingram
J.A. Jackson T. Jackson J. Jones Charles Kelley
P. Kemp A.J. Killebrew D. Kindle W.T. Liles
A.J. Looney J.G. Mabin C.G. Martin E. Martin
W.H.H. Massey G.D. Mayo M.A. McClain B.S. McCorley
W.H. McGheehee A.C. McQuirter J. Medlin L.P. Moody
J.W. Moor E.D. Moore J.M. Muzzell J.C. Nasse
J.J. Neamo J. Norod W.W. Olive J.W. Osburne
C.H. Owan J.M. Palmer W. Perrit W.W. Porter
A.J. Powers E.C. Randle H.S. Randon W.M. Rasberry
W.H. Reynolds James Rhodes James Rice A.J. Ridgaway
W.A. Ridgeway J.W. Robbins L.T. Roberts G.D.B. Rogers
J.R. Rogers W.Z. Rogers A. Roland W.P. Scott
W.H. Shankle J.M. Sheraden J.E. Smith J.H. Smith
T.J. Smith G.A. Taylor J.H. Thompson C.N. Throgmarten
James Venerable B.F. Warbritten S.B. Watson S. Webster
J.C. Williams Harden Wilson W.N. Wilson A.J. Wimberly
G.W. Wright W.D. Wynn James Young

Paroled from the Consolidated Regiment

Company A

F.M. Adamson R.L. Adkins B.M. Bagby L.L. Baker
R.B. Baker W.R.B. Baker T.C. Bell R.C. Burdett
F.M. Cooper R.A. Cooper A.J. Crider F. DeShonz
T.V. Dickson J.B. Dinwiddie J.M. Ezeel J.W. Felts
J.W. Fuqua W.J. Fuquay F.L. Furgerson James N. Gardner
J.H. Gardner C.P. Harris Elvis Hawkins J.A. Hill
J.C. Hurt C.L. Jones T.W. Kerkland R.G. Kirby
D.M. Lankford T.N. Lankford C.J. Manley J.H. Mitcham
J.J. Mitchell T.J. Parham E.W. Randle J.L. Ridley
Parkham Smith C.C. Stafford R.C. Stafford Robert Surber
G.B. Swaringin John Travis A.J. Vawter W.H. Vawter
W.W. Waddell J.W. Walters James Ward W.T. Ward
C.N. White R.H. White G.W. Wright Z.N. Wright
G.W. Wynns

Company B

W.J. Bettie L.W. Blakemore R.P. Caldwell J.T. Carthel
A.B. Childress R.N. Davis J.C. Ferriss S.L. Ferriss
S.S. Fite W.H. Givens B.B. Gray W.W. Harrison
M. Hays H.T. Heath R.F. Heath J.M. Herron
J.W. Herron R.F. Herron W.C. Ingram Z.G. Jackson
T.B. Jones A.C. Jordan W.H. McCucheon Egbert McLemore
B.D. Mills T.J. Montgomery W.T. Nicholdson R.C. Pearce
R.J. Poindexter A.W. Raines J.W. Raines R. Roberson
W.S. Rogers Joseph Smith O.B. Strong L.H. Tyree
J.B. Utley Alex Wade A.D. Woods J.A. Word

Company C

William Ator A.F. Booth I.N. Bowers T.P. Bowers
Wesley Browder Dennis Cain George A. Cobb Daniel Cogdale
J.M. Cogdale T.B. Cogdale Fendall Crump J.W. Elam
J.M. Fisher G.B. Fulton A.B. Hamm J.R. Hamm
J.C. Herd William Hogan M.T. Hoover J.M. Huggins
G.W. Hurley T.J. Hurley B.C. Ijams J.C. Ijams
C.M. Jeane F.P. Jeans William Jones William E. Jones
M.T. Latta J.W. Lawson S.S. Littlejohn M.M. Matlock
John McHughes Simpson McHughes G.M. McWherter John H. Miller
J.W. Monroe P.H. Neill John Nichols J.C. O'Neill
J.W. Potts William Potts E.A. Powell J.S. Ramer
W.M.C. Ramer David Ray James C. Ray R.B. Ray
W.H. Ray W.A. Reader A.T. Springer Giles Springer
L.H. Springer J.R. Stovall Fred Wagoner W.W. White
J.D. Young

Company D

J.E.S. Alexander S.G. Biles J.M. Bomar W.P. Bumpass
T.C. Carter A.V. Clark C. Colley D.L. Crouch
S.H. Fiser F.E. Garrett N.J. Garrett T.P. Garrett
James Handly I.E. Hoofman B.T. Howard W.S. Hurt
C. Kennedy J.M. Killebrew A.T. Lafon A.T. Looney
J.W. Midgett C.S. Moore S.J. Nesbitt James Nunnellee
C.H. Owen J.O. Parks A.J. Pentacost A.W. Perrick
J.D. Poyner I.A. Ridgeway L.S. Roberts J.V. Rogers
G.M.D. Ross I. Sexton William Stoker W.C. Wadkins
S.H. Webb J.E. Wiggins T.F. Williams

Company E

Robert Barns James Barrett L.F. Becton Dave Berlington
B.T. Bondurant J.B. Branch J.P. Brooks E.M. Chandler
R.S. Chapman J.A. Cole Thomas Cotton C.F. Craig
G.N. Davidson A.T. Dew R.E. Edwards H.L. Fawlkes
Green Fulghum A.T. Gay Z.M. Hankins D.J. Hansbro
R. Harrell A.R. Harris J.N. Haynes L.W. Hutchins
J.F. Johnston F.E.P. Love Samuel Mathis N.L. McKee
B.T. Paitee M.H. Parsley R.D. Prichard J. Rhodes
J.V. Rogers J.M. Russell T.M. Russell C.C. Stovall
G.W. Taylor John Tucker D.B. Walker J.E. Webb
J.J. White E.R. Willoughby A.T. Witherspoon

Company F

G.T. Barksdale J.W. Bass B.F. Blackman J.H. Blakemore
J.D. Bumpass W.J. Bynum A.F. Coleman A.R. Coleman
H.B. Coleman S.G. Cooper G.W. Cullipher J.G. Culipher
J.H. Dickerson W.W. Gardner J.M. Gay W.C. Goodman
E.E. Guthrie F.S. Guthrie H.C. Hale T.A. Harrison
J.H. Harwood A.J. Heath Andrew Hester F.L. Hudson
J.H. Hunt R.H. Hunt W.M. Hunt R.B. Ing
R.W. Johns J.H. Joyce R.T. Kollow J.J. McAllister
J.L. McDonald N.J.H. Parr T.J. Parr E.J. Patterson
T.C. Patterson R.N. Pierson J.W. Reach W.L. Reeves
G.W. Robertson Henry Robertson J.G. Sharp J.T. Sharp
A.Y. Skinner J.E. Talley J.C. Taylor R.Z. Taylor
J.L. Thomas J.T. Tucker

Company G

J.D. Baker T.C. Baker T.J. Baker S.T. Bell
B.F. Bucham J.M. Carrell W.T. Carroll J.D. Carroll
P.M. Connell J.L. Cooper P. Crider S. Ingram
J.M. Jones J.L. Kimrey J.H. Oliver H.L. Raines
J.A. Tidford J.C. Tilman [NOTE] J.W. Tilman T.F. Wingo

(June 1999) Jerry Cavender informs me that his kinsmen James Calvin Tillman and Joseph William Tillman were members of Faulkner's 12th Kentucky Regiment prior to consolidation, as was J.L. Kimrey. All were from the southwest part of Weakley Co. TN.

Company H

H.D. Boyd N.T. Buckley Thomas Campbell J.P. Cane
W.C. Cason W.H. Cierley J.E. Cock N.B. Comer
J.A. Croom W.H. Furgerson Joel Hancock G.W. Holden
J.W. Hunt W.S. Jackson J.L. Johnson W.B. Kowen
J.W. Langford A.V. Ledford G. McCabe A.L. Nored
J.M. Randle R.A. Revis E. Roark J.D. Robison
H.C. Russon J.E.A. Sharp J.D. Smith T.H. Smith
J.E. Stewart L. Strickland E.H. Todd T.J. Walton
E.O. Webb H.R. Williams W. Young

Company I

A.M. Adams H.F. Alexander H.H. Allen W.J. Anderson
H.W. Armstrong M.C. Ayers R.W. Baker T.C. Baker
T.J. Baker Robert Campbell J.H. Cridler E.C. Dancer
T.J. East F.G. Fowler J.H. Garrett T.L. Gossett
H.F. Harriss William Jarvis H.C. Klyce H.A. Martin
A. McClamroch J.M. McGlathery L.J. McGlathery W.G. McGlathery
A. McKinnon S.M. Osier John Phillips P.B. Platt
Z.T. Potts H.H. Ray J.M. Sharp

Company K

Bell's Escort:

Some of the men in Company K of the Consolidated 19/20th are also indicated to have served in Gen. Tyree Bell's escort company. The microfilmed records of Lt. Thomas N. Epperson, Frank Monroe, and William Yancey mention such service. Correspondence with a Coleman family researcher (Bruce Kosmin) connects C.S. Coleman to Bell's Escort, and suggests that the group was made up primarily of teenage boys. John Morton's account of the fighting at Brice's Crossroads mentions that "Ab Hurt" commanded Bell's Escort, the compiled service records include a Lt. A.D. Hurt in Co. K of the consolidated regiment, and correspondence with a Hurt family researcher has tentatively identified an Absalom Derbery Hurt whose record seems to fit with both descriptions.

Prior Service with Bell's Escort Company:
C.S. Coleman Thomas N. Epperson A.D. Hurt F. Monroe
William Yancey      
Prior Service with Ballentine's Mississippi Regiment (Confederate Veteran, 9: 553, 1901.):
J.H. McDowell W.W. McDowell H.H. McKinney J.J. McKinney
Prior Service undetermined:
J.C. Benjamin George Bledsoe Chester Bond Zack Boyd
W.L. Bridges J.W. Broke N. Cannon W.C. Canthon
Charles Clark Guy Douglas Seaton Douglas J.W. Elder
Daniel Fields W.T. Fields J.I. Forey W.H. Forley
W.W. Gates J.G. Glenn J.P. Harris R.B. Holliday
K.G. Horrell C. Hoskins J.C. Hoskins M. House
T.L. Hughes J.T. Johnson W.E. Johnson Jeremiah Jones
J.H. Kelly J.P. Ledsinger Charles Levy J.L. McWilliams
Benjamin Norris R.W. Norwood J.J. Parks James Pyboss
W.D. Read T.B. Reeves F.C. Shepherd J.D. Stomes
Mat Strother John P. Suddeth Green P. Tinsley L.S. Wade
J.M. Walker E.M. Wallen --- Watkins E.C. Webb
Sam Witherspoon John Yancey

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