20th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA

Graves at Brices Crossroads National Battlefield Site

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Revised June 22, 1999
Summary of Changes

Brice's Crossroads National Battlefield Site includes a small cemetery. Most of the plots appear to be local residents, but at the back of the area there are about 100 uniformly arranged Confederate graves. I've sorted the names by unit.

Note that the 20th Tennessee is designated 15th Tennessee at this site.


Unknown Confederate Soldier

5th Alabama Cavalry

11th Alabama Cavalry

Morelands Alabama Cavalry Battalion

3rd Kentucky Mounted Infantry

7th Kentucky Cavalry

7th Kentucky Mounted Infantry

8th Kentucky Mounted Infantry

12th Kentucky Cavalry

8th Mississippi Cavalry

18th Mississippi Cavalry

7th Tennessee Cavalry

15th Tennessee Cavalry

16th Tennessee Cavalry

18th Tennessee Cavalry

19th Tennessee Cavalry

Rice's Tennessee Battery

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