My teaching experience includes everything from teaching kids about animals in a zoo day camp program to educating senior citizens who had volunteered to give museum tours. At the college level I have designed and taught nine different topic courses. As is the case for most professors, I enjoy teaching biology in several complementary ways.  The general public often assumes that the scholarly teaching commitment occurs only in the classroom, but the biologist teaches in the laboratory, the field and in the community as well.  We also attend scientific meetings and teach (and learn from) our colleagues.  To enrich my teaching I have attended teacher training programs, including a National Science Foundation workshop on the subject of fostering critical thinking in college science courses.
See the old course syllabus for BISC102 for tips on how to learn introductory biology more effectively.

COURSE SYLLABUS (Fall 2000)                      GRADUATE STUDENTS

                                                           Animal Behavior (BISC 512)
                                                           Behavioral Ecology (BISC 622)

                                                                                  Teaching Air Force cadets how to measure and mark a wild turkey.