Dr. Clifford A. Ochs

                                                                    Here I am with my class - Aquatic Microbiology
                                                                    (We've been in the lake sampling methanogens)

Address:     Department of Biology                Phone:   662-915-7562
                  University of Mississippi              FAX:      662-915-5144
                  University, MS  38677                  e-mail:   byochs@olemiss.edu

Population dynamics and ecological interactions of aquatic microorganisms.
Effects of the light and chemical environment on aquatic microbial community structure and function.
Nutrient biogeochemistry in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Our lab is engaged in various studies in the areas of aquatic ecology and biogeochemistry.  Broadly speaking, we are investigating connections between the abiotic environment, plankton community composition and activities, and biogeochemical cycles involving nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon.  Our research is focused mostly on aquatic habitats of northern Mississippi including oxbow lakes, various wetland types, reservoirs, the Mississippi River itself, and even flooded agricultural fields in the Mississippi Delta.  Funding to support our work comes primarily from the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Agriculture. 

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     Aquatic Microbiology (BISC 505)
     Microbial Ecology (BISC 522)
     Research Methods in Biology (BISC 300)
     Freshman Biology (BISC 102, 104)  

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Lab manuals
Ochs, C.A. 1998. Inquiry into Life: Human Biology. Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Inc., 168 pp.

Stratton, G.E., and C.A. Ochs. 2000. Inquiry into Life: Diversity and the Environment. Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Inc., 184 pp.

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