Species list from Spring Spider Walk
5 May 2002
From the Farms of Northwest Mississippi Community College

Wolf spiders, Family Lycosidae
Schizocosa sp.
3 im or females
5 pen males
1 male

Rabidosa rabida
4 im

Rabidosa punctulata
1 female

Varacosa avara
1 female with young
1 female

Gladicosa pulchra
1 female

Hogna georgicola
1 male
6 females
1 female w egg sac

Hogna carolinensis
1 male (sent to the Memphis Zoo!)

Fishing spiders, family Pisauridae
Dolomedes albineus
1 im

Dolomedes triton
1 im

Pisuarina mira
2 males

Family Ctenidae
Anahita punctulata
2 females